Association goals

Promoting business ties, as well as the continued development of commercial collaboration in the most diverse fields of activity among traders, to expand trade between the two countries by increasing the volume of trade and turnover at national and interstate levels,

To contribute, through various means, including the media, to the better mutual knowledge of the main areas where Romania and the R.A. Egypt can collaborate on trade,

Supporting direct links between businessmen and companies in the two countries to develop the necessary conditions for applying modern and efficient methods of cooperation and trade. Organize and participate in domestic and international exhibitions and fairs,

He will be a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and, in the course of his activity, will continuously and permanently maintain contact with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the correlation of the specific actions and the accomplishment of the secretariat activity,

Periodically, through newspapers and magazines from Romania and R. Egypt, as well as specialized publications in Romania, aspects of Romanian-Egyptian economic cooperation and other possibilities of cooperation on third markets will be prepared and disseminated in other countries,

Informing its members and other businessmen about the regulations of foreign and domestic trade in Romania and R.A. Egypt, about the commercial agencies, the banking and port companies with which to cooperate, about the opportunities for mutual exchanges,

Collaborate specifically with the Chambers of Commerce of the other Middle Eastern countries to establish common goals with the other entities in order to create a balance on the balance of trade in the area of interest as well as to ensure the priority of developing the business environment in the free zones exchange, ensuring participation in international auctions organized in Middle Eastern countries, aimed at restoring areas affected by major military conflicts, etc.,

Initiate meetings and business contacts between both Romanian and Egyptian economic agents and between them and economic agents in the European Union;
Informs its members as well as those interested, as a matter of priority, about the regulations on economic activity, commercial, banking, customs, port and trade opportunities between the two countries;

Supports the organization of specialized fairs and exhibitions, salons, business forums, economic partnership actions in the country and abroad, through competent bodies, as well as commercial advertising activities for its members;

Edits and publishes newsletters of the Chamber and other publications of commercial information and promotion related to its subject matter in material format (newspapers, magazines, prospectuses, catalogs) and virtual (website / portal, newsletters, cd, dvd etc. .) Publish prospectuses, catalogs, brochures, brochures and other such publications of a technical, commercial and marketing nature, perform multiplication activities at the request of members and those interested;

Provide specialist, free and / or paid consultations to its members and non-members in the country and other countries.

Promotes direct business development actions in the two markets, mediates bank support for both its members and other interested economic agents on request;

Facilitates the organization of business meetings and contacts between commercial agents in the two countries.

Facilitates obtaining travel visas in Egypt for its members,

Promote among its members and other economic operators the rules and practices of the European Union and international organizations through conferences, seminars and other similar events,

Establishes and capitalizes, in the interest of improving the business climate, databases on the economic operators, own and processed based on the received communications, based on cooperation protocols, from public institutions and authorities, from other legal entities,

Supports promotion, advertising and commercial advertising for economic operators,

Supports and carries out research and development activities in the interest of the business community,

He fulfills any other attributions resulting from his activity of the BILATERAL TRADE CHAMBER and from the legislation in force.
The purpose of the Association may be changed only by the majority of the founders, according to the provisions of O.G. no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations.

The Association may carry out economic activities in order to support the purpose of the Association and to carry out the activities stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation and in this Statute.


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